Scheerhorn resophonic guitars is a leading manufacturer of modern resophonic, hollowneck, and squareneck acoustic guitars.

Tim Scheerhorn developed his resophonic guitar after being dissatisfied with the sound produced by plywood bodied instruments with soundwells. Scheerhorn instruments are constructed of solid tonewoods, such as maple or mahogany, and have an internal construction consisting of sound posts rather a soundwell, and a parabolic baffle in the upper bout of the instrument.

The Maple-L body Scheerhorn is often touted by its proponents as the ultimate bluegrass resophonic guitar.

Artists who use or have used Scheerhorn guitars include Rob Ickes, Jerry Douglas, Randy Kohrs, Mike Witcher, Sally Van Meter, Mike Auldridge and Andy Hall.

Rob Ickes favours a guitar with a spruce soundboard and Indian rosewood sides and back. The appearance of Ickes's personal instruments is styled on spruce and rosewood Martin acoustic flattop guitars.